09 March 2009

Chocolate Humor

As I scour the web for chocolate anything I'm always entertained greatly by fellow funny people. They are everywhere! While it would be nice if people would take the extra time to give the attribution to the quotes, it is fun to make up reasons as to why the quote is attributed to Unknown or Anonymous. Also, flickr is a ever-increasing source of amusement. My fellow flickr photographers have a great sense of humor and there is always something new posted every day. These guys are real characters!

The above photo is great because mainly of the title. I mean, who is so creative that they call their cat Fishcake The Chocolate Thief? I love it! My cats have normal names like Pearl-a-nator the black tiny warrior kitty, Mike the majordomo tuxedo cat, Curty Cartier the sweetheart bouncer bruiser weight rippling with muscle golden tiger, and lastly, Leonardo the Love Bandit, a plucky tuxedo and the youngest of the Hurricane Katrina Cat Clan.

Chocolate Humor:
"A balanced diet is a chocolate in both hands." - unknown
(maybe too embarrassed to admit to addiction or in rehab.)

Shameless Self-Promotion: If you are interested in some of my own chocolate recipes I've been developing lately check out my HubPages address where they are stashed (faster than flipping thru these achives):
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Photo of Fishcake The Chocolate Thief by rileyroxx @ flickr - Is this a great photo AND title or what?! :)
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