07 March 2009

Chocolate Humor

Well, now that I've got the tech stuff learned on all these 7 blogs, I thought it was well past time to start putting up more than just cool chocolate recipes. It was also time I start notifying you of when I post in addition to regular time periods. Apologies for not getting to this sooner. One thing at a time, I suppose. Super Woman I'm not, oh well...! Not to worry, I am still devoted to my beloved chocolate recipes and they will always appear on Tuesdays and Fridays for sure. Sometimes, I get so excited when I find some really interesting ones that I put them up on other days of the week in addition to the planned times, so check back often!

Chocolate quotes are always so much fun and give us a chuckle. Right now with the economy the way it is we can use all the laughter we can get!

Chocolate Humor: "Chocolate is cheaper than therapy ... and you don't need an appointment." - unknown
(or afraid to show their face)

Trivia: Did you know because of the current economic situation that chocolate sales are way up? True.

My fellow chocolate friends know it's a cheap fix of a nontoxic nongovernment nonregulated "drug." The love chemical! When economic times get tough the chocolate folks get going. We all need our little pleasures, yes?

Check back tomorrow for the following recipe will be posted: Chocolate-Covered OREO Cookie Cake

Shameless Self-Promotion: If you are interested in some of my own chocolate recipes I've been developing lately check out my HubPages address where they are stashed (faster than flipping thru these achives):
Denny Lyon @ HubPages

Photo by ginnerobot @ flickr
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