28 October 2009

5 Funny Chocolate Quotes, Sandra Boyntons B. B. King Video

Chocolate in fashion, fashion in chocolate - gives new meaning to wearing your food...

From Denny: Researching on the internet is such hard work it ends up as play time. I go looking for chocolate quotes and one thing leads to another and there is this wonderful little musical ditty from B. B. King by a funny lady known for kid's humor and a new chocolate book. Enjoy her quotes and video.

Quotes by Sandra Boynton, children's author and chocolate lover

* As with most fine things, chocolate has its season. There is a simple memory aid that you can use to determine whether it is the correct time to order chocolate dishes: any month whose name contains the letter A, E, or U is the proper time for chocolate.

* Research tells us fourteen out of any ten individuals likes chocolate.

* Carob is a brown powder made from the pulverized fruit of a Mediterranean evergreen. Some consider carob an adequate substitute for chocolate because it has some similar nutrients (calcium, phosphorus), and because it can, when combined with vegetable fat and sugar, be made to approximate the color and consistency of chocolate. Of course, the same arguments can as persuasively be made in favor of dirt.

* "Chocolate -- The Consuming Passion" was written for the Chocolate Elite -- the select millions who like chocolate in all its infinite variety, using 'like' as in 'I like to breathe.'

* The greatest tragedies were written by the Greeks and by Shakespeare. Neither knew chocolate. The Swiss are known for nonviolence. They are also known for superb chocolate.

And now, here's B. B. King in a funny musical short from Sandra Boynton:

One Shoe Blues starring B.B. King from Sandra Boynton on Vimeo.

And the thrilling historically significant documentary of the making of One Shoe Blues with B. B. King:

The Making of One Shoe Blues from Sandra Boynton on Vimeo.

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