06 January 2009

Recipe: Dennys Double Chocolate Biscotti

Dennys Double Chocolate Biscotti

What else do you have to do while snowed in? C'mon, baking these cookies is a real OMG moment!

Just imagine those wonderful brownie chocolate smells wafting all over the house and leaking out through the cracks in the windows traveling miles down the road.

Suddenly everyone in the neighborhood wants to be your new best friend! Make some new friends this New Year! Make Dennys Double Chocolate Biscotti! (How's that for shameless marketing? Not bad, huh?!)

Seriously though here's my New Year's blessing to you: May this New Year 2009 find all who read this healthy, well employed in this tough global economy and most especially, may this New Year find you all well loved by many! (Group hug.)


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Photo by mamamusings @ flickr
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