22 January 2009

Blog has new look and color!

Hope you enjoy this new color and format for this blog! After a few months with narrow columns even I was getting bug-eyed looking at it.

While I did look for a wonderful chocolate color as the background there wasn't one that seemed a good fit for all of us. So, I started thinking: what is the one thing all of us chocolate loving types have in common? Joy! And orange is the color of joy, the joy of eating chocolate!

Also, went to a wider format as I thought you all might find it easier to read the recipes clearly and find it more comfortable to copy and paste these recipes. The gray text is easy on the eyes compared to the warm background.

Why Blogger doesn't have a printer function available is beyond me. So, if you'd rather follow a recipe while it is on the screen rather than print I thought this wider format would be far more user friendly for us all!

Let me know your thoughts!
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