14 June 2011

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: Beautiful Australia

Australian Canola Field

Australian Canola Field photo by Dreamscope Photography @ flickr, All Rights Reserved with embed code available

Visual Insights: Dennys Photo Gallery: Beautiful Australia: "From Denny:  What a wonderful find is this photographer from Australia. She gives us a travelogue and history of the images she recorded of her country. The landscape exhibits a wild beauty, drenched in color.

Some excellent landscape photos and some penetrating character portraits are part of her collection over at flickr.  These photos of Australia go far beyond the usual tourism photos.  In fact, Australian travel and tourism should employ this photographer.  It sure makes me want to hop a plane and endure the excessively long ride from America just to see Australia!  There is a lot more to Australia than the Great Barrier Reef so often advertised.

But if you can't get time off to see Australia, this photographer sure makes you feel like you are there. Along the way, as you view her images, you get drawn into the culture and people of Australia. Enjoy the journey through her eyes!  I've included some of her observations, cultural information and comments.

All photos are from Dreamscope Photography @ flickr."
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