13 June 2010

Posts Roundup at Dennys 14 Blogs - 13 June 2010

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Cup of coffee from Brazil by il Quoquo @ flickr

The Social Poets:

Louisiana to NY Mayor Bloomberg: Shut the F Up! - BP Oil Spill Cartoons - 12 June 2010

Hope Transforms poem - Libations Friday 11 June 2010 - A poem about how Hope works to transform our lives.

BP Promotes Philosophy: The Minimum Acceptable

Roundup of Late Night Comedy - 7 June 2010

Funny Videos: Stewart and Colbert Lampoon Reporter Helen Thomas

Funny Video: Lampooning Racists Gone Wild Horrified Teaching Chinese Language

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Lampoons Glenn Beck About Exclusive Israeli Raid News

The Soul Calendar:

Effective Cheap Idea to Clean Up Oil Spill: Treated Cotton Fabric

Dennys Global Politics:

American and World Politics Cartoons - 12 June 2010

Speaker Pelosi, Residents Fire Upon BP - News Headlines 11 June 2010

Krewe of Dead Pelicans BP Protest Parade, Oil Spill Stories - News Headlines 8 June 2010

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations:

How Are Hopes, Dreams and Reality Related?

Where Does Hope Guide Us On Our Life Path?

Hope: Unborn Baby Grabs onto Doctors Hand in Surgery

Does Hope Touch Your Soul?

Poems From A Spiritual Heart:

Jazz Music - Get lost in the moment living a New Orleans night...

Angels Left Behind: Orphans of the World - Poem about remembering the children of the world need our help.

Water of Life - Have you ever wondered the messages Nature speaks to us every day, happening every minute all around us? Great Nature photos.

Peace Upon The Land - A Memorial Day poem to honor ourselves.

The Healing Waters:

Oldest Living Woman in World Now in Indonesia

12 Hidden Reasons 4 Fatigue and How to Fight Fatigue

Anti-Aging Summer Drinks From CBS and Health Magazine

Dennys Funny Quotes:

Ouch: Reporter Helen Thomas Career Ender Comments Cartoons

Funny Video: Upright Citizens Brigade Mocks BP Execs

Funny Video: Colbert Mocks Birthers Using Obama Rap Video Sighting

Funny Dance Video: Butt Face Slam From Brazil

Ouch Outrageous Obnoxious And Odd:

Obamas Kick Ass Comments Cartoons

Funny Video: BP Creates Rich Fish in Gulf Oil Spill

Funny: Actresses Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johannson Kiss at MTV Movie Awards - How a photo can look like more than it is.

Comfort Food From Louisiana:

New Orleans Food: G.Gs Stuffed Crab

Romancing The Chocolate:

Popular Kentucky Derby Recipes: Bourbon Ball French Toast, Kentucky Hot Brown

Visual Insights:

Dennys Photo Gallery: Wonderful Father Photos

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