14 April 2010

Funny Odd Couples: Cats and Their Weirdo Friends

From Denny: Cats must have been the original artists created in the world. They cross species boundaries easily for some unusual friendships. Check out the latest "homies" of choice odd couples for a grin! Included are some "conversations" if cats could talk...

Hey, cabbie! Can you give me a ride over to 32nd Street? It's on your way.

There's a reason why I'm named the pig. Just who do you think you are? Get outta my way, cat! Notice how the cat slips on by him anyway to win the race. :)

We are only snuggling. Nothing to worry about here. He's not my type. I only like bad boys.

This crazy crow keeps stalking me. I thought cats were supposed to be the famous stalkers in the animal kingdom. Oh, well, when you have fans you might as well enjoy your fame!

Who are you? I'm the patient dog, silly cat. It's my job to teach you house manners.

So, what's for dinner, Mr. Bear? Guess who came to dinner... Did I invite you, silly cat? Are you crazy to mess with me or what??? You are so lucky I am still waking up from my winter's nap.

Hi, Honey kitty. Hi, baby, how's it going today? Oh, by the way, I'm not the local salt lick for the neighborhood. I'm just saying...

Do you think our fur coats are too matchy-matchy or anything? I hope we don't get reported to "What Not to Wear" TV show! You keep watch while I sleep and let me know if the camera crews show up unexpectedly.

Hmmmm... what's for dinner or should I settle for conversation?

Sweetie, you need a shave! Your horse whiskers are tickling me!

I just got downsized from Geico for faking a British accent and doing it badly. Can you spare a gecko a bit of your meal? I promise I won't eat too much.

Kiss me, you silly rabbit! Tell me about your day.

Do you mind if I come inside for a while? Looks like you have a good gig going on there. Listen, squirrel, I am so not letting you anywhere near my food bowl - not now, not ever. Now dance on the window and entertain me.

And the cat exorcist calmly sat there, knowing the snake was trying to slide past him without getting noticed.

And the monkey took his pet kitten down to the local park to show off to all his friends. And the cat said: I'll get you in our next reincarnation. I knew I should have divorced you in the last life time.

Text by Denny Lyon
Copyright 12 April 2010
All Rights Reserved

*** Photos are not mine - free use to make up your own silly captions for them! :)

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