25 February 2010

Stop That Cold in Its Tracks: Illness Fighting Foods

From Denny: Want to know some great foods as medicine to deal with life's issues like colds, stomach pains and headaches? Check out this easy to eat and enjoy list!


* Mushrooms - boost your immune system. Mushrooms also are considered like a leafy green vegetable and help the liver process toxins easier.

* Salmon - contains high amounts of vitamin D and you need vitamin D to ward off colds.

* Sunflower seeds - contain lots of vitamin E

* Curry spice - helps lower stress levels

* Milk - all that calcium eases muscle aches and pains and soothes you psychologically

* Red bell pepper - high in vitamin C and vitamin A, easy low acid source of vitamin C, the vitamin that lowers and soothes our stress

* Pistachios - loaded with vitamin E, great for lowering cholesterol too, lowers blood pressure and is calming


* Red snapper and salmon - high in Omega 3 fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory. To help fight inflammation - the reason for most diseases like heart disease, diabetes, migraines and asthma.

* Quinoa, an ancient grain, anti-inflammatory full of protein and minerals

* Black beans, anti-inflammatory and aids the liver in digesting toxins better than other beans.

* Cayenne pepper - great anti-inflammatory for lung, sinus and intestional issues, fights cancer too.

Stomach Pain:

* Ginger - proven great for nausea

* Fennel - a digestive aid

* Peppermint oil - a digestive aid

* Fiber - digestive

* Yogurt - helps digest food faster and avoid bloating

* Berries - act like yogurt as ultimate digestive aid

From Fitness Magazine, Pam O'Brien informs us of the focus foods for getting back on our feet when we have been feeling under the weather:

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