09 November 2009

Chocolate Trivia from Horror Director Hitchcock

Director of movie Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock

From Denny: What has Alfred Hitchcock done now that we never knew about? (scratching your head) Well, seems this horror guy has ties to chocolate that we chocolate foodies went ill informed about for decades. Turns out our campy Hitchcock thought it great fun to use Hershey's chocolate syrup as a blood substitute in his black and white film "Psycho."

Chocolate syrup was used in the 45 second shocking shower scence that terrified America at the time. As an actress can you imagine being covered in chocolate syrup for the full 7 days it took to shoot the scene?

No need for coffee breaks. The crew probably just all gathered around the syrup covered woman and took turns with finger dabs at wiping off the excess dripping syrup. Bet the men on the set thought it sexy stuff to see an actress covered in chocolate syrup! :)

And here everyone thought it was gooey blood. Looks like Hitchcock punked us again... what a sense of humor.

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