29 July 2009

Video: Chocolate Production Down - Venezuela's Faded Cacao Crop

From Denny: Here is what all of us chocolate lovers have been dreading - the reduction in production of our beloved cocoa beans. Did you know that weirdo Hugo Chavez is basically in charge of the chocolate industry in Venezuela? Yeah, scary. That's why production is down among other reasons. And you just thought it was bad enough he's in charge of a huge oil reserve in the world, now we hear he's messing with our chocolate too...

For almost 400 years the high-end quality of cocoa beans from Venezuela have been coveted by the best chocolate makers. Yet now Venezuela only accounts for 1% of the global production because of bad politics and outdated technology. Chavez's crazy disorganized and often cavalier bureaucracy has proven to be a daunting challenge to the cocoa farmers. And now comes along squatters the government won't remove from their land!

New York Times videos only have links. Check out this short chocolate news update video contained in the New York Times article, go here.

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