03 June 2009

Recipe: Heavenly Pie

From Denny: This old recipe, retweaked for vegan, comes to us from the wonderful 101 Cookbooks site. To read about where she found it and the journey it took to you just click on the title link. Here is the link to purchase the cookbook at a reduced price from Romancing The Chocolate blog's Amazon store, go here:

"Heavenly Pie Recipe Adapted from Country Wisdom and Know-How. Instead of running this recipe verbatim (like I normally might), I've tweaked a few of the ingredients, added some notes. Serve this pie well-chilled."

2 cups well-crushed graham crackers

1/3 cup melted butter

2 tablespoons honey

8 ounces cream cheese, softened

8 ounces organic silken tofu

1 large egg

6 ounces carob or chocolate chips, melted

1 teaspoon vanilla

Greek yogurt (sweetened a bit, optional for serving), in place of whipped cream


To make the crust make combine the cracker crumbs, butter, and honey. Press into a 9-inch pie pan. I gave this mixture a whirl in the food processor to bring it all together and work out and chunks of cracker.

In a food processor, or with the mixer at medium speed, blend together the cream cheese, tofu, egg, chocolate, and vanilla. Scrape down the sides once or twice. Blend until filling is very smooth, with no visible lumps.

Spoon the filling into the pie pan and bake at 350F degrees for about 30 minutes (when I went to 35 minutes I started seeing fissures in the filling). CHILL COMPLETELY BEFORE SERVING. Serve with a dollop of sweetened yogurt or whipped cream (if desired).
Makes one pie. About 12 servings.

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