27 April 2009

Slap That Cold Silly with Food as Medicine

Slap That Cold Silly with Food as Medicine: "Utilize spices in your food to give healing support to that cold or flu. Here’s an easy exotic and delicious soup recipe when you are feeling miserable. Soup recipe included."

By Denny Lyon @ HubPages

From Denny: This is a popular article. While it may be almost early summer and hot here in Louisiana it sure isn't in other parts of the country and world! After all it snowed in Colorado this month. On the news is the latest about a new outbreak of flu.

What is good about this article and soup recipe is that it gives real information about the properties of food and how they can benefit a situation with a cold, flu or allergy symptoms. Lentils and beans both act as astringents, pulling excess water out of the body. For that reason alone this is a good and practical read! :) We all know the miseries of a stuffy and runny nose.

Spices are another forgotten food in our modern culture and contain many healthful properties waiting to be rediscovered by us today!

Written by Denny Lyon @ HubPages
Photo of paprika peppers by meaduva @ flickr
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