25 December 2012

A Christmas Post: True Christmas Story: Funny Christmas Conversations

Le Père Noël en chair et en barbe !

A Christmas Post: True Christmas Story: Funny Christmas Conversations: From Denny:  Think back. How much can you remember about the things your parents used to tell you about Santa? This Christmas Eve my husband and I started that conversation. Though we have been married many years there were still some things we did not know about each other.

We laughed about the incredible stories our parents told us on Christmas Eve. It was becoming a contest between whose parents were the most outrageous storytellers.

Do you remember the funny and downright lame excuses your parents used to give you when talking about Santa coming to visit on Christmas Eve? 3 videos.

Peace Christmas Star Round Ornament

Enjoy the profound Peace of the Christmas season!

10 December 2012

Prize Winner: Peppermint-Hot Chocolate Cake, Fudge Filling, Marshmallow Frosting

Photo provided by Southern LivingBritainy Shaw's Peppermint-Hot Cocoa Cake, right, is a runner-up in Southern Living's annual white cake contest. The Southern Living staff dressed Shaw's cake up by wrapping it in cookies. At left is the second-place cake.
Note the cookies dressing up the holiday glam, garnishing the cake.

From Denny:  Love hot chocolate?  Thought of making it into a cake?  Britainy Shaw, 25, of Louisiana (before that she lived in Texas and before that in Montana) decided it was a brilliant idea.  She heard of Southern Living magazine's contest and decided to enter just for fun, taking third for this cake recipe.

She said her thoughts immediately went to her favorite Christmas flavors.  “For some reason, all I could think of were drinks.  I love hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps in it.”

Her cake consists of three layers of buttermilk chocolate cake that is filled with a fudge-mint filling, frosted with peppermint-tinged marshmallow crème frosting.  

Shaw said the very first time she made the cake it came out perfect; what luck for an experiment!  “I’ve just always been watching my mom and grandma cook.  I would love to open a bakery one day.”  Her cake is featured on Pages 140-141 of the Southern Living December double issue.

Talk about funny; Shaw was sitting outside, reading a Southern Living magazine, when the company called to inform her that her cake had won.  She was awarded $500 for her first time effort.  That should pay for a few Christmas gifts this year. :)

Love Light Large Mug

Let your love light shine! Hot chocolate looks great in this mug... I'm just sayin'

06 December 2012

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Video: Happy Dachsund Plays Fetch With Machine

Dachsund (Photo credit: stirwise)

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Video: Happy Dachsund Plays Fetch With Machine: From Denny:  Check out this hilarious dachsund playing fetch with his own play machine in the hallway of his house.  He knows exactly how to place the ball into the machine and when to start running to catch the ball as the machine winds up to throw it.

At the end of the video enters the family's little baby, sitting in the hallway, having fun stuffing the machine with a ball.  Then the dog brings another ball to place in the machine.  He politely waits for the baby first.  When the dog starts running to catch the ball down the hall the baby starts laughing.  Definitely in the Too Cute category.

Louie Name iPhone 5 Case

The man about town: introducing the infamous Louie! - more pet names available, check it out!

05 December 2012

Holiday Cookie: Double-Shot Mocha

From Denny:  OK, never write a cookie post right before lunch.  It all looks so good you want to rush into the kitchen and start baking! :)  This cookie recipe is basically a dense brownie with pools of melting chocolate oozing out when you break them open straight out of the hot oven!
There are two cups of chocolate chips and chocolate chunks in this awesome recipe, certainly more than I'm used to baking.  It's no wonder you can get your chocolate fix in one small cookie all at once.  

If you have the discipline to wait until the cookie cools all those chocolate pools solidify into huge nuggets of gooey goodness.  No one ever said these little chocolate gems would last long in your house - or mine! 

Peace Christmas Star Round Ornament

Enjoy the profound Peace of the Christmas season!

01 December 2012

Christmas Gift Recipe: Peanut Butter Fudge

From Denny:  This is an easy unique way to cook fudge - in a slow cooker!  What fun, a super simple fast recipe!  It has our name all over it and think how you can make up many batches of this to give as hostess gifts at Christmas parties or other seasonal gift giving.

It's also a kid friendly recipe it's so easy to do.  You cook the fudge on High in the slow cooker for about 20 minutes total and then pour it out into a pan lined with waxed paper.  Place in fridge to cool and harden.

Angels Rejoice Snowflake Ornament

'Tis the season, let the angels Rejoice!

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